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Sunshine, CO History

Sunshine, Colorado is a close-knit community of over 130 homes and families.  We are also a community rich with history tied to the gold rush in the late 1800's.

The Sunshine Mining District was discovered in 1870 and quickly became one of the most productive mining districts in Colorado. The district reached its peak production in the early 1900s, when it produced over 1 million ounces of gold and silver per year.

The Sunshine Mining District was home to a number of world-class mines, including the American Mine, the Sunshine Mine, and the Lottie Mine. These mines produced some of the highest-grade gold and silver ore ever mined in Colorado.

The Sunshine Mining District declined in the mid-20th century due to declining ore grades and high operating costs. The last mine in the district closed in 1958.

The Town of Sunshine was incorporated in 1885, and unincorporated by the County in 1975.

The first Fire District Service Plan was adopted by Boulder County Commissioners on January 2, 1969.

Images courtesy Boulder Carnegie Museum

Sunshine Historical Society

The S.H.S. (Sunshine Historical Society) board of directors manages the use, repair, maintenance, and care of the Sunshine School and Cemetery. The board is made up of residents and former residents who volunteer time to oversee these historic treasures. Events are often scheduled to raise money needed to maintain these vital icons of our community. Some past events have included community potlucks, craft and art fairs, holiday parties, Halloween carnival and hayride, square dancing lessons, and disco/reggae night.

To contact someone at the Sunshine Historical Society, please email:

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