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Sunshine Cemetery

The Sunshine Cemetery, located on private property, was established in 1875 to serve the residents of Sunshine, who started to arrive in 1874 in search of gold. Mining accidents, disease, and infant deaths were the first graves in this historic location.


If you are curious about who is buried here, check out these historic cemetery records compiled in 1973 with records going back to burials in the 1870's. 


Site Availability
(Looking for a "Permanent" Residence?)

A 5' x 10' plot for up to six family members can be purchased for $500.00/plot. To obtain a plot, families must have lived in the SFPD for ten years or more. The sites are only available for cremated remains due to space limitations and geological bedrock. There are some criteria around headstones and the board is very open to proposals that include things like benches and memorial markers.Current residents who have purchased plots and still need to choose a location may meet with the cemetery custodian to see what is available.

For more information, please contact the Sunshine Cemetery Custodian:

Janice Wheeler

2565 Wisteria Dr, Erie, CO 80516

303-818-1885 cell or

303-442-0657 home

Contact the Sunshine Historic Society

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