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Hiking in Sunshine

You moved here to be in the mountains and to enjoy the wonderful outdoors just outside your door.  Have you explored all the wonderful hikes that really are "just out your door"? Check these local favorites.

Modern View Above Sunshine

Some of the more popular hiking spots in Sunshine begin from the "Sunshine Saddle" at the very end of County Road 83.  If you drive up there, you will find limited parking at the turnaround. Be sure to obey the parking signs so that you don't block an important escape route or the area needed to turn around emergency vehicles.  

Here are two great hikes that start at the Saddle:


Rowena Out and Back

The trail to Rowena (also known as the Highline Road), is the historic supply road to the town of Sunshine.  It's a shady and easy 4 miles down and back from the Saddle.  Click Here for the trail map and details.

Butzel Hill

If you are looking for a challenging climb and fabulous views of the back range, the hike to the top of Butzel Hill is well worth the effort. Click here for the trail map and details.

Other Area Trails

Bald Mountain

(More to come on this hiking area)

Bug Mountain Trail

The "Bug Mountain" Trail was built by developer Bruce Correll for use by Sunshine Pointe Homeowners Association. Respectful neighbors are free to explore the trail, located at 7500 Sunshine Canyon Drive.  (More to come)

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