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SFPD Funding - Taxes and Grants

As a property owner in Sunshine, you might wish to know how we are funded, and how those funds are used. It is also helpful to see why additional fundraising is important. SFPD’s primary source of funding is an 8.48 mill tax levy applied to all properties in the district. In 2022, this tax generated $123,500.  An additional $51,850 was generated by a 3.56 mill level dedicated to the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for wildland mitigation, water supply improvements, signage and egress route creation and maintenance. Other sources of revenue include donations and grants. Donations totaled $23,100 2022; no grants were received last year.

Last year was an unusual year for us as we purchased a new fire engine for $502,100, which was the first major equipment purchase in several years. $121,300 of that amount was paid in 2021 for the advance cost of the chassis.  The engine purchase was funded from our Capital Reserve Fund, which is built up over multiple years for such purchases. We also paid $28,000 out of the operating budget to equip the new engine -- most of which was covered by the $23,100 in your donations. Thank you for helping to make those purchases possible!

Income for 2023, including CWPP, is estimated to be $ 198,600. Additional funding will be drawn from CWPP ($6,900) and Cistern Fund reserves ($9,200).  We are counting on a minimum of $15,000 estimated from your donations and $10,000 in grants and miscellaneous income. Our total operating budget is $214,600.


District expenses in the 2023 Budget include:


  • General and Administration - insurance, utilities, and building maintenance: $45,740 SFPD is an all-volunteer district and no funding is spent on salaries or benefits except for fire fighters participating in paid State or Federal sponsored events.

  • Operating Expenses - repairs and maintenance, non-capital equipment and training: $69,100 (includes $25,900 for Wildland Mitigation).

  • Capital Expenses – major equipment purchases and project expenses: $64,300 (includes $40,000 for Water Supply Improvements).

  • Transfer to Capital Reserve:  $35,500.  This will begin replenishing the Capital Reserve for future major equipment needs.

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