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Sunshine School House Sign

The Sunshine

The Sunshine Schoolhouse was built in 1900. This historic building replaced the first school that tragically burned in 1876, and was torn down. The school served the mining community until 1943, when mining ceased due to war efforts, and remained vacant until the Wittemyer family donated it to the Historical Society in 1969.

The Sunshine Schoolhouse is Available!

Rent the Schoolhouse for Your Next Event

The schoolhouse can be rented by residents for private functions such as weddings, parties, or other uses (subject to board approval) at a nominal fee to offset costs, including insurance, utilities, and maintenance.

Rental Rate: $75.00 per day Security Deposit: $250.00

Sunshine School House Historic Image

Renters are required to sign a contract containing the rules and regulations around use, decorating, cleaning, and any damage that may occur.


Contact the Sunshine Historical Society for more information:

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