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Butzel Hill Hike

Best For: Great views, a challenging hike.


Butzel Hill is the most challenging hike around, but if you can make it to the lookout at the top, it is well worth it.  It's just over two miles out and back from the Sunshine Saddle starting point with 700 feet of gain. Look for the trail just to the left of the gate and Rowena road west of the Saddle.  Follow the narrow trail up the hill through dense pines.  The trail opens up in a few hundred yards as do the views north and south. 

After about a quarter of a mile, a steep climb begins up the mountain.  It is the most challenging portion of the trail, but hang in there!  Expect loose rock and slippery spots in this steep section. The trail flattens out as you near the top of the mountain.  Stop and look back at the breathtaking views to the south.  Lee Hill and Lookout Mountain are front and center to the east.  As the main trail crosses the ridge, a spur to the right will take you to the lookout spot for the mountain.  Don't skip this last few hundred feet.  Boulder your way to the flat spot at the top and be rewarded with amazing views of the Back Range.  Mount Audubon and and other famous peaks are to the west. 

Butzel Hill Trail on Satellite Photo
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